Anjir Shirazi (Whole Dry Figs) - 8OZ

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Anjir Shirazi (Whole Dry Figs)

What is a Fig?

A fig is a soft and sweet bulbous fruit that comes from various species of Ficus trees. Figs are native to western Asia and the Mediterranean, but thrive in dry, moderate climates. Soaked with water or milk overnight they are a good snack food or replacement for the morning cereal. These cute marble-size figs, shaped like small acorns, are called Persian figs, or Shirazi figs. They come from Iran, where they are produced on a small scale, in villages: they are picked from a type of fig-tree which grows scattered in the mountains, and they are then dried in the sun. Cream coloured and lighter in colour then regular dried fig. Some of them are split open at the bottom, revealing a light pink, speckled flesh.

Lower Cholesterol Level
More Dietary Fiber Than Any Other Fruit
Powerful Antioxidants
Rich in Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium

Packaged in house by Yekta Supermarket

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